You don’t need GPS to navigate to the best insurance for your surveying firm.

Best Premiums for Surveying Firms

Land surveying firms choose ANCO,
because we understand your business.
You’ll save time—and money—when you
look first to the insurance program
custom-made for your profession.

If you’re a professional land surveyor
needing an insurance quote, why would
you look anywhere else?


Endorsed by Texas Society of Professional Surveyors
Insuring surveyors in 28 states… and counting!

Other agencies we’ve used, who didn’t know anything about the surveying industry, put us into policies that were not meant for surveying companies. The result of that was a higher priced policy with coverage not truly intended for a survey company.

Aaron McMillan
1519 Surveying

Gina O’Hara
Program Manager

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