Commercial Umbrella Insurance for Surveyors

ANCO Insurance is one of the oldest and largest private insurance agencies in Texas. And independent insurance agent Gina O’Hara has been providing personalized insurance policies to surveyors since 2001. This expansive experience provides the foundation needed to serve your unique needs as a surveyor, whether you are located in Texas or any other state across the country.

The True Value of Commercial Umbrella Insurance

Land surveyors, oil and gas surveyors and many others often fail to recognize the true value of an umbrella policy. Often, they see such a policy as an over-the-top expense that does not offer much value. Take this situation for example:

A surveyor is on the road, but isn’t paying close enough attention. He hits a pedestrian or cyclist on the way to a job or veered into oncoming traffic and hit an oncoming vehicle. The pedestrian ends up in a coma with life-threatening injuries, which results in more than $2 million in medical bills.

Thankfully, you have a strong business auto insurance policy with $1,000,000 in liability. But that million disappeared quickly thanks to the helicopter ride and weeks in the ICU. By the time the pedestrian leaves the hospital, your auto policy is exhausted.

Now what?

Without umbrella coverage, your business’s checking and savings accounts are now on the line. Your bank accounts dwindle, and your business faces bankruptcy.

With an umbrella insurance policy, however, you continue to run business as usual. Your umbrella policy picks up where your auto policy left off, covering any remaining costs up to your set limits. This allows you to focus your financial efforts where necessary to move forward.

Contact ANCO Insurance for a Tailored Umbrella Quote

All it takes is one single auto accident to turn your business upside down, especially considering skyrocketing medical costs and our highly litigious society. Do not get caught unprepared. Discuss how an umbrella policy can provide you with overarching protection to benefit your surveying business.

Whether you are just starting out as a new land surveyor or you have an established surveying firm, reach out to independent agent Gina O’Hara at our Austin office. She will review your risks and discuss your insurance concerns and interests. From there, she will perform a quote search to identify a commercial umbrella policy that fits your needs as a surveyor while also meeting your business’s budget.

Learn more by calling Gina O’Hara at (888) 275-2626, extension 6324, or by emailing our Texas agency.