Surveyors’ Professional Liability Insurance

In our office, we generally see a new professional liability claim involving a surveyor arise once every 10 days or so. Still many surveyors fail to carry this coverage. Compare that to the fact that nearly all surveyors carry general liability insurance. In our experience, we have seen a handful of general liability claims since beginning our surveyor coverage program in 2001.

We are ANCO Insurance, one of the largest and oldest privately owned insurance agencies in Texas. From our office in Austin, agent Gina O’Hara insures professional surveyors and surveying companies, including land surveyors and oil and gas surveyors, across Texas and throughout the United States.

What E&O Insurance Does for Surveyors

Professional liability insurance, or errors & omissions insurance (E&O), protects you in the event that you:

  • Make a surveying error, such as plotting an improper point or putting stakes in the ground in the wrong place
  • Provide inaccurate advice that others rely on
  • Fail to follow through on a service you promised to provide

Protection, at its most basic form, means providing you with the financial support required to defend against claims and, if found guilty of making an error or omission, to pay financial damages to the wronged party.

We Know Surveyors

Here at ANCO Insurance, we have been insuring professional surveyors since 2001. We are endorsed by the Texas Society of Professional Surveyors. These two items convey three things: experience, knowledge and trust.

We know how to frame professional insurance policies, to recommend policy limits based on your specific services, and to identify gaps in existing coverage. For instance, we know that many surveyors provide expert witness services. We also know that insurers who aren’t familiar with E&O insurance for surveyors fail to include expert witness work as a covered item on policies.

Do not get caught facing an E&O claim without proper coverage. Call us for a tailored quote today.

Call on ANCO for Your Professional Liability Coverage

As a surveyor, you understand that every detail matters in each project you handle. The same is true in insurance—every detail matters. You want to know that you have the exact coverage you require to cover any potential risks you face while in business. Here at ANCO, we can give you that peace of mind.

To learn more about our liability insurance policies or to obtain tailored E&O insurance coverage, call ANCO today. You can reach Gina O’Hara at (888) 275-2626, extension 6324, or you can contact our surveyor insurer online.