Insurance programs
that evolve with you.

Focused on land surveyors' insurance since 1999.

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Why choose Anco insurance?

You won’t find another agent that understands your business more. Why? We have the unique position of insuring land surveyors since 1999 and owning a family surveying firm ourselves. Insurance and surveying are part of our DNA.

Best Premiums

Truly substantial savings, up to 60% lower premiums than other agencies.

Stay Equipped

Replacement cost coverage on all equipment, usually regardless of age.

Customized Coverage

We worked with our carriers to design special coverages you need.

No Matter What Your Field of Expertise, We’ve Got You Covered.

No matter what type of surveys you do, we have options for you!

  • Boundary
  • Residential Lot & Block
  • Engineering design
  • Oil & Gas
  • Littoral Boundary
  • ALTA
  • Aerial mapping
  • Mobile Mapping
  • Riparian
  • Any Other Specialty


Errors & Omissions protects you for claims made against you for a professional error, such as negligence, errors, omissions or misstatements, defending you even if such claims are false or fraudulent.


Employing the use of drones can make surveying more efficient and profitable, but Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) are excluded by a general liability policy as they are “aircraft.”

Package Policy

A combination of general liability, equipment & property coverages on your building and contents. We also cover workers’ compensation & umbrella coverages.

Benefits To Our Policyholders: Customer Care

We became the leading agency for surveyors in Texas by making surveyors our priority. Our goal is to cut costs for your firm, thus increasing your profits, protecting what you have built and give you unparalleled customer service. We understand that sometimes it’s the little things that make your life less stressful. That’s why we offer:

  • Online applications with quick turn around times for quotes.
  • Rapid response times, with same day issuance of certificates of insurance.
  • We answer our phones because sometimes it’s the quickest and clearest way to get the job done!
  • We know which insurance companies are best for which type of surveyor because of the numbers of surveyors we insure.