Commercial Auto Insurance for Surveyors

Working as a surveyor means you are on the road a lot. You require and rely on the use of your vehicles to get to job sites and perform your field work. When an accident gets in the way, you face lost field time and potentially thousands of dollars in damages.

That is why a personalized business auto insurance policy is essential to the smooth running of your surveying firm. This is true whether you use your personal vehicle for work purposes or you own a fleet of trucks that your workers drive.

Advising You on the Auto Liability Coverage You Need

Auto insurance actually encompasses a variety of coverages that you can combine to create comprehensive protection, whether you or your employee causes an accident or someone else causes an accident involving one of your workers:

  • Bodily injury, which covers you in the event that someone was hurt in an accident that you or one of your workers caused
  • Property damage, which covers you in the event that repairs are required to fix someone else’s property (car or otherwise) that was involved in the accident
  • Uninsured / underinsured motorists, which covers your expenses associated with an accident that an uninsured or underinsured motorist caused
  • Collision, which pays for damage done to your vehicle during an auto accident
  • Comprehensive, which pays for damage done to your vehicle other than collision such as flood, theft and hail.

Not only can we speak with you about which types of coverage you need, but we can also speak to you about the right level of policy limits to apply to your coverages. In many circumstances, we will set your company up with limits that pair well when combined with a commercial umbrella policy.

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