Surveyors’ Professional Liability Insurance

Claims made against land surveyors for professional errors are quite frequent and can be costly. In our agency, we generally have a new professional liability claim reported 4–5 times a month. Still, many surveying firms fail to carry this coverage, leaving themselves and their staff exposed. Do you have the right coverage to protect you?

As a land surveyor, you know that every detail matters in each project you handle. The same is true in insurance—every detail matters. You want to know that you have the exact coverage you need to cover potential risks you face while in business. Here at ANCO, we can give you that assurance.

How Does Professional Liability Protect You?

Professional liability insurance, or errors & omissions insurance (E&O), protects you and your staff in the event that you:

  • Make an error in your survey, even providing defense coverage for false claims.
  • Provide inaccurate advice that others rely on.
  • Fail to follow through on a service you promised to provide.

Protection, at its most basic form, means providing you with the financial support required to defend against claims and, if found guilty of making an error, to pay financial damages to the wronged party.

We Know Surveyors

Here at ANCO Insurance, we have been insuring professional surveyors since 1999. We are endorsed by the Texas Society of Professional Surveyors. These two items convey three things: experience, knowledge and trust.

We know how to help you choose the best professional liability policies, to recommend policy limits based on your specific services, and to identify exclusions in certain carriers’ E&O forms that could be problematic depending on the type of survey work you perform.

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